Can I add historious to my browser's list of search providers?

If your browser supports it, yes! Just click here, or right click on the search field (the one you enter your keywords in) and select "Create a search" or similar, depending on your browser. You will then be able to search historious directly from your browser's search box.

Can I import bookmarks from other sites or export my list of historified sites?

We do support both import and export. To access this functionality, visit your settings page. You can both export a list of your historified sites and import lists of bookmarks from other sources, such as your browser, other online bookmarking services, etc. Any file that contains site addresses in it will work, just export it from your bookmarking service and select it in the import page.

Name: historious
Icon URL:

After you have completed these steps, you should see historious in the "Send to" link of every item. Just click it and the item will be historified!

Can I add my historifications to my RSS reader?

Yes! historious supports two feeds for subscribers, a private feed for all your historifications and a public feed for your public historifications. Please make sure you have added the public feed if the feed will be displayed on a public place, otherwise you will be displaying all your historifications.

Does historious support any special queries?

Yes, historious supports the full Lucene syntax. The fields are "title", "url", "source", "last_read" and "added". So, for example, you can search in a page's url by including "url:<term>" (without quotes) in the query (example).

Can I use historious on my phone?

You certainly can, however installing the bookmarklet is a different procedure, depending on which phone you have. We will be adding instructions for common phones soon.

Are there any browser extensions available?

Some extensions are available for certain browsers. Below is a list of extensions that have been developed so far. Please note that, if the extension does not have the word "official" in the title, it is not directly supported by us, so please don't contact us about it, we cannot help you!
The extensions available are:

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by going into your PayPal subscription settings on Please note that deleting your account does not cancel your subscription, you will need to do it on PayPal.

Can I download a list of all the sites I have on historious for backup purposes?

Your entire history (except documents you have deleted) is available as a text download from this link.

Can I use the historious bookmarklet with NoScript?

Yes, you can! Just add the following URL to the NoScript exceptions list:

Credit goes to the NoScript team.

Does historious support OExchange?

Yes, historious supports OExchange. We have an OExchange discovery file in place, so it should be automatically discovered by any properly configured service, but you can manually historify items by visiting the following address (just substitute "<url>" with the address of the item you want to historify):<url>